Contrast is a short film created by Carmen Büchner. It is based on one of her artworks and effectively illustrates the contrast between the beauty of nature and the struggle for survival within it.

I re-scored it as part of a competition within the “Soundtrack Cologne 11”. Thus, my music is not the original score of the movie, as it is also stated in its credits.


This short film was produced by Studio des Aviateurs. In a post apocalyptic world with no oxygen left, the remaining humans are forced to live underground.

I re-scored it for a competition within the “Soundtrack Cologne 10”. My music is not the original score of this movie. The sound design is different, as well.


This is an extract from Felix Gönnert's short film Apollo. It deals with a young boy and the power of his imagination.

I re-scored the movie for a competition within the “Soundtrack Cologne 9.0”. The original score of Apollo was not written by myself. Also, the sound design differs from the original.


This clip was made by Florian Kaltenbach. It is set in Germany‘s capital and deals with different sportsmen and women who have to overcome their weaker selves during freezing temperatures.

I contributed the original Soundtrack to this film.


This is a sneak peek from Dominik Kuhn's short film METALOPHOBIA. It is meant to be a prequel to his upcoming movie Metal Train.

I had the pleasure to write the original music for this comedy.